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Kristina Osborn

  • 7123 S 1100 W
  • Jamestown, Indiana 46147
  • 765-366-3522

About Me

My husband and I started using Young Living essential oils in July of 2014.  My husband had ear issues and we had spent lots of time and money trying to fix these.  The doctors finally said there was nothing else we could do.  Except essential oils, they forgot about them... or didn't know about them.  So, I had a friend suggest using YL oil and he started using them.  The support he gets has been a lifesaver.  Now we have incorporated YL products into every aspect of our life.  Going chemical free and switching to a healthier lifestyle has made a huge improvement in our lives.  I thank God that a friend introduced me to these wonderful drops of oil!  Now, I want to share them with everyone.  So, they can see the improvement in their lives that we have in ours.